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Сhamber music by Lyatoshinsky Trio

// Червень 30, 2022

Сhamber music



Артикул: Невідомо

The outstanding trio of musicians in cooperation with an independent music label “Golka Records” have made the digital release of the chamber music that was written by famous Ukrainian composer- Borys Lyatoshinsky. The composer’s piano trio #1 and #2 are included in the album. The release is available in all popular steaming platforms for free. The record was made on the scene of Lviv National Philharmonic within the several days.( sound producer – Dmytro Muchychka)

The cast of Lyatoshinsky Trio :

  • Mykhailo Zakharov- violin
  • Oleksiy Shadrin – cello
  • Roman Lopatynsky- piano

The musicians become united in 2019. They gather to achieve the same aim. It was to popularise Ukrainian composers works. Namely the musicians’ mission is realised by the patronage of the Lyatoshinsky name. As he was an outstanding composer, who could make a synthesis of European and National. The main goals of the band are: to promote his works all over the world, to continue and also to promote his cultural achievements.

Сhamber music by Lyatoshinsky Trio

// Червень 30, 2022


I Allegro Non Troppo 00:00
II Lento Con Freddezza 00:00
III Allegro Fermamente 00:00
I Introduction Maestoso 00:00
II In Character Ballad Andante Sostenuto 00:00
III Intermezzo Allegretto pastorale quasi allegro 00:00
IV Theme and Variations Andante Sostenuto 00:00

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